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Restore Damaged Hardware with Our Laptop Repair Services

Laptops’ portability offers priceless benefits to both individuals and businesses. At the same time, their design makes them more susceptible to hardware damage. Laptop repair at San Diego Mobile Repair, Inc., can address a range of hardware and software issues, and get you back online with little downtime. We offer an initial free consultation to identify the problems and discuss repairs with you. Schedule an appointment with us today to learn more.

Common Repairs We Can Address

Unlike desktop computers, laptops typically undergo a large amount of wear and tear. Even if you treat them gently, laptops are prone to common problems including:

  • Cracked or shattered screens
  • Broken hinges
  • Damage to the DC jack repair
  • Issues with the fan
  • Problems with the CD or DVD drive

Regardless of its make and model, we can perform quick, efficient repairs to restore function to your laptop.

Minimizing Damage From Spills

Most of us are guilty of putting a laptop at a place of risk for damage. Because laptops are portable, you might find yourself checking emails on over breakfast, or completing work at a coffee shop. Situations such as these increase the likelihood that your laptop will be exposed to moisture and debris that cause damage. Unlike a desktop, which may just need a keyboard replacement, spills on a laptop can threaten the usability of your entire device. If your laptop is affected by a spill, you should:

  • Immediately turn it off
  • Remove the battery
  • Turn the laptop over
  • Place a towel under the device to catch draining liquids

As soon as you are able to, schedule an appointment for one of our technicians to assess the damage before you turn on your laptop. We typically need to completely disassemble a laptop to fully correct the effects of a spill. Once we gain access to its internal components, we will use a special cleaning agent to remove corrosive moisture from the main system board. Although water may pose a lesser threat than other liquids, like juice or coffee, it can still leave traces of minerals that will affect the laptop’s function in the future.

Software Installation

Depending on the amount of damage, successful laptop repair may include operating system installation. We can also address problems with software and perform other needed tuneups to improve the efficiency and speed of your laptop. If your laptop has been running slowly, shutting down for no reason, or experiencing pop-ups, you have most likely been exposed to a type of malicious software, like a virus. We offer malware and virus removal to get your laptop running optimally. We can also perform data recovery for information that has been lost in a virus attack or a mishap with your laptop.

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A spill or other accident affecting your laptop can create a frustrating or even panic-inducing situation, but it doesn’t have to be. In nearly all cases, we have success regaining access to all of a user’s compromised files, and will use our unparalleled experience to provide you with the most efficient, dependable service we can. Schedule an appointment with one of our technicians to learn more about repairing your laptop.

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