Business moves swift in regards to technology. It does not matter what market you are in, a once booming business can quickly find themselves falling behind the power curve and your competition.

Is it time to hire an IT Consultant? Ask yourselves these questions:

  • Q: Has employee productivity slowed? Am I getting the most out of my employees for their time?
  • Q: Are we utilizing our data infrastructure to its fullest functionality? Is what we have, what we need?
  • Q: Can we make our day-to-day business processes more seamless?
  • Q: Are we simply losing ground by not staying abreast with technology?
  • Q: Is there a solution out there that built for us and our needs?
  • Q: Is there a way technology can save us time and money, while increasing both productivity and profits?

Many of these questions go unanswered because of the perception on the streets that hiring an IT business consultant is just out of reach for most business owners. It’s really not. Most of our clients range from small to medium-sized businesses in all markets. We have helped law practices, medical practices, manufacturing, insurances agencies, staffing agencies, retail outlets, accountant firms, auto repair shops, car dealerships, et cetera. Hiring a technology consultant is quick, painless, confidential, and rewarding in so many aspects. Hiring a consultant does not always mean that you will be performing a complete infrastructure overhaul, full of upgrades and new hardware purchases. A good technology consultant will first look at what is already available to them at your business, and give a best effort to build from there; while keeping your required goals in mind.


Benefits of Technology Consultation

Benefit #1: Increase Productivity

There’s no doubt that people are the pulse of a company. In that same sense, technology is the pulse of the business process. The days of paper are long behind us. Hiring a technology consultant is one of the best ways to increase productivity in your business. The consultant, a professional in the industry, can quickly survey your current business process and current infrastructure to increase both your employee productivity levels and make your business process more seamless.

Benefit #2: Lower Administrative Cost and Overhead

Many approaches to managing one’s IT needs is lowering administrative costs and overhead. We all know that lowering costs increases our profit margins. A technology consultant can best fit the appropriate software package or hardware solution, on a case by case basis, per the individual client’s needs. With this being said, just because a technology is new does not always make it the better choice when choosing a best fit. A good consultant weighs out what it will take to manage the newly implemented technology solution (administrative overhead) against the upfront cost and expected increase of productivity levels. During the consultation, the consultant should gauge the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the solution to answer the question… “What is this all going to cost us?”

Benefit #3: Reduction of network and infrastructure downtime

Nothing hurts a business’s bottom line more than employee downtime. So managing a company’s downtime should be a top priority of any technology consultant. An expert technology consultant will be able to gauge and even forecast, in most cases, where a potential software or hardware vulnerability might exist; eliminating the source of a single point of failure. Data backups, workstation imaging, hard drive redundancy, cloud backups, and a working disaster recovery plan should never be afterthoughts.

Benefit #4: Run your business and let experts manage your infrastructure

You are the expert of your business. A technology consultant cannot tell you how to run your business, but we can help you run it more efficiently. Hire a technology consultant to look after your infrastructure best interests so you don’t have to. We are the experts in our industry. Technology consultants stay abreast of the latest technology trends; we communicate daily with high-end vendors such as Microsoft, VMware, or CISCO; we are aware of the latest virus and malware threats; we are up-to-par on potential software and hardware vulnerabilities; and we can instruct your employees on the latest and greatest best-practice procedures so you don’t have to.

Benefit #5: Perform better, reach further, respond faster than your competitors

Need a competitive advantage? Hire an IT consultant. Technology consultants are experts in streamlining the business process. We can implement custom technology solutions that will optimize your business to be more productive, adapt to changes with less effort, reach your target audience both further and more precisely, and enhance your ability to respond to your customers’ demands more promptly. Response time in any market is a key to success. With an IT consultant your business will always be on its toes.

Get back the dream that brought you to start your business. Take control of your IT infrastructure and empower your employees to achieve a competitive advantage by giving them the tools and resources they need in order to succeed.