CompTIA A+ Certification

CompTIA A certificate

CompTIA A+ certification, probably the most widely known and universally accepted entry-level certification in the IT (Information Technology) industry. The A+ certification covers two exams. One exam is primarily based on vendor-neutral software related technologies such as Windows and Linux; while the second exam on hardware such as motherboards, hard drives, et cetera. A candidate preparing for the A+ exams would normally require 400+ hours of actual hands-on experience working directly with computer-related hardware and software technologies before attempting the tests.

For us the company…

Holding the CompTIA A+ certification means we have been here for quite some time. In 2001, it meant finally being able to hold one of my dreams in the grasp of my hand. To my mom, it probably meant that the computer she bought me as a child was not in vain. The A+ means, that even back in early 2001 I had already accumulated well over 400 hours of actual hand-on experience with computers. Just five years after the Internet finally began to take a strong foothold in the United States, I was already digging into computers, configuring networks, and driving my Internet Service Providers crazy. For San Diego Mobile Repair, it means we require all of our technicians to actively hold the A+ certification.

For you the customer…

Seeing the CompTIA A+ certification should signify immediately that you are working with a professional in the IT industry. A professional that cares enough about the skills of their trade that they will risk hundreds of dollars to pass exams that prove to both their potential employers and customers that they can deliver IT solutions. An A+ certification from 2001 says that the professional holding the exam can work on DOS, every version of the Windows operating system, and even the legacy hardware it was ran on. Our experience directly correlates to our mastery in troubleshooting both hardware and software-related issues.

CompTIA i-NET+ Certification

CompTIA i -NET certification

The CompTIA i-NET+ certification is a vendor-neutral exam that covers topics surrounding the Internet, Extranets, Intranets, and E-commerce. The exam requires at least six months of hands-on experience in the industry. The exam covers both technology specific questions and questions geared toward management of these fields of expertise.

For us the company…

The i-NET+ means that we can talk shop when it comes to web development and all emerging trends in the industry. Having been certified in 2002, it means that we understand websites down to the source code. Most importantly, for San Diego Mobile Repair, it means that we can help our customers see their Internet dreams come true like ours have. We have designed, coded, published, hosted, and managed many websites from the floor up.

For you the customer…

It means we have the answer for a reliable and comprehensible approach to Internet web development and know who the pros are, such as Einstein Medical, Inc. If you the customer has a question on design, E-commerce, SEO, tags, keywords, or even Google Adwords we can give you the precise guidance you need to see your project through to completion.

CompTIA’s Network+ Certification

CompTIAs network certification

CompTIA’s Network+ certification proves that the certificate holder understands all aspects of networking technologies and around the typical roles of a Network Administrator. The candidate would normally have a minimum of two years of actual hands-on experience in the networking field. Topics covered are network topologies, network cabling, network installation and configuration, and management. The exam is recognized by DELL, HP, Apple, and even the Department of Defense.

For us the company…

Having achieved the Network+ certification almost 10 years ago, I will say that this certification has taken me far. For me, knowing that HP, DELL, XEROX, and Apple all require this certification for all their in-house network technicians give me an added sense of pride. When it comes to troubleshooting network issues, both confidence and actual hands-on experience is definitely key, and the Network+ proves that skillset.

For you the customer…

It means that you are working with a proven Senior Network Administrator, whom of which, is still very active in the IT industry. We can answer any questions pertaining to networks from design, engineering, productivity, total cost of ownership, administrative overhead, installation, configuration, and most-importantly, troubleshooting. When it comes to business networks, you the customer, should not have to worry about everything that goes on behind the scenes. You should just have to hit the power button – and count on it working.

CompTIA Security+ Certification

CompTIA security certification

The CompTIA Security+ certification is a stringent certification that requires of its holders to be the very best at what they do – security. To start off with, the Security+ is required by all Government technology contractors, the U.S. State Department, the Department of Defense, Lockheed Martin, military personnel engaged in information assurance, Northrop Grumman, and TrendMicro. It covers cryptography, access control, network security, workstation security, operation security methods, security management, network and software vulnerabilities, information technology threats, security tools, and hacking concepts.

For us the company…

The Security+ brings to the forefront the seriousness of proper network design with correctly configured infrastructure. Our company can manage all critical and/or confidential data. We implement our own stringent security measures and hold ourselves to the highest standards when handling data, backing up data, or migrating data. We are HIPAA compliant and take identity theft very seriously. Personally, I have held a U.S. Department of Defense Security Clearance and to me the Security+ is a sum of that experience.

For you the customer…

You are trusting someone to work on your personal computer or on your business network. We understand how big of a decision this is. It boils down to trust between you, our customer, and us, your “computer guy”. We can offer that trustworthy bond that is seldom found. We will not look through your data. We will protect your data. Your data will stay your data.

Microsoft MCSE Certification

microsoft certification

The culminating certification prize of the IT industry, Microsoft’s MCSE. The MCSE use to be known as a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, however Microsoft now states it as a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert. Meaning this, if it deals with Microsoft, a MCSE certified expert can handle it. The certification consists of seven exams. Four exams cover the core of the Windows Server operating system, while the last three are chosen electives in your area of expertise. The skills required to become a certified MCSE is equivalent to the studies required to obtain a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science and if often accepted in lieu of the degree. A candidate for the MCSE certification would normally have a minimum of four active years as a Network Administrator in the roles of network management, server role configuration, Active Directory management, domain and domain trust management, server installation, server and domain network security, and maintaining a complete Microsoft server environment.

For us the company…

It means that both we ourselves and Microsoft holds us to a higher standard. Through partnership, and a close working relationship with Microsoft, we can turn any of our customers’ dreams into a reality. We have experience on Microsoft platform networks ranging from home-based single server networks to managing 183 active production servers for the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps. There is no network or scope of work too big or too small. If it is built on Microsoft technology we can offer comprehensive consultation and support. We know without a doubt that we have the expertise to feel confident walking into any home or any business location. Our reputation is at stake. That is why proper education and proven skills are so important to us.

For you the customer…

Know you are working with the best in the industry. Feel confident that you can ask us anything relating to networking, servers, routers, computers, security, data recovery, users, e-mail, laptops, cabling, et cetera. Feel confident that we will not be here today and gone tomorrow. We are here to help.

VMware Certification

vmware certification

VMware is one of the fastest growing technology companies in the IT industry. The company is easily the leader in virtualization technology. A VCP candidate, unlike many other certifications are required to attend a VMware instructor lead class. If the candidate passes the course he or she is afforded the opportunity to sign up for the actual exam. The exam covers installation and configuration of ESXi hosts, virtual platforms, installing and configuring globally connected virtual servers, installation and configuration of VMware’s virtualization platform software, vSphere, and configuring security and high-availability on vCenter.

For us the company…

Holding the VCP certification means that we are current with virtualization technology. We hold ourselves to the highest educational standards so that we are always abreast of the latest information technology. So when new software or hardware hits the street – we’re ready to support it. Not to mention that VMware is just ridiculously fun to work on.

For you the customer…

Having someone knowledgable in virtualization is a must. Over 90% of the Fortune 1000 companies are already using virtualization to cut costs, increase availability, decrease administrative overhead, and increase employee productivity. Without a doubt, virtualization is here to stay. Ask your current IT staff if they can offer consultation and support for virtualization technology. If you are already running multiple servers, then ask yourself again why are we not virtualizing our servers.

If have any questions regarding computer or network related certifications give our office a call. We can tackle any problem, and no problem is too big or too small. We are simply here to help.