by Administrator on March 9, 2011

When you have a problem, the most important thing is getting it solved, quickly. You want someone to answer the phone quickly and courteously. You want your tech support rep to be knowledgeable, to solve problems confidently and professionally. You don’t want a “technician” on the phone whose only interest is in technical “stuff.” You also don’t want your questions passed around because no one knows the answer! You want someone who cares, and who lets you know that they care about you. You may be a doctor, an attorney, an account or another business professional, but you are not a computer expert. That is where we come in.  AutoMates bridges the gap between the non-technical and the technical world. Our job is to help you resolve your computer problems quickly and professionally. When we do our job right, you get the peace of mind knowing that you made the right choice.

An Experienced Team:

The AutoMates technical support team includes network engineers and software and hardware experts with years of real-world experience. There’s a good chance that we’ve previously seen and solved a problem similar to the one you’re having—and will be able to use this knowledge to more quickly help you get back on track.

Our technicians understand the importance of effectively communicating with your staff, ensuring that they understand the nature of the problem and then outlining the solution. Our goal is to get your computer or network problem solved as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Thank you,

AutoMates Team